Friday, July 6, 2012

Leadership Skills Are Necessary for Technology Managers in the Current Business Economy

Leadership Skills Are Necessary for Technology Managers in the Current Business EconomyTechnology oriented careers have been making a comeback. Accordingly, talented technology managers are necessary in every area of the field - from Web design and development, to database-driven e-commerce, to software engineering, to technical service and support. Technology positions, from programmer to CIO, are also critically important in organizations from all industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, education, government and service firms. Technology professionals often seek career advancement but need the leadership skills necessary to advance their careers. In response to these industry demands, adult-learning and distance learning schools now offer technology degrees at the bachelor's and master's degree levels, often in accelerated formats.

However, other necessary characteristics of successful technology managers cannot be found on a silicon microchip or in a line of CSS markup code. Some of these characteristics include a talent for leadership; the ability to communicate ideas and directions, and the ability to motivate and mentor staff. These skills are not taught in all technology curricula of the 21st century. However, some information technology and computer science academic curriculum designers are beginning to recognize the importance of teaching soft skills in the classroom. Accordingly, some programs of study now emphasize specialized leadership training for would-be technology managers.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that computer and information systems professionals typically require advanced-level training (namely, a master's degree) in order to be considered for leadership positions in technology. The BLS also points to the need for technology job applicants to have diverse experience in technology systems and applications. This experience will allow them to lead staff who work in different departments and who have different types of technology skills. An additional benefit to pursuing training for technology management careers is the bright future outlook of this field. These careers are expected to grow 16 percent through the year 2016.

Technology leadership training programs at the master's degree level will typically have two or three core academic components. The first core component, obviously, is technology. Students who pursue this type of master's degree typically begin the program with knowledge of at least one higher-level programming language; and are comfortable with database management or development, as well as computer networking systems administration. The master's in leadership and information technology course of study will build on students' foundations in information science and systems, enabling students to approach these disciplines from a leadership and management perspective.

Students will learn to lead employees as well as communicate with all levels of the organization and customers.

In CIO Magazine's 2007 State of the CIO survey of more than 500 IT professionals, the three skills "most pivotal for success in your role" were: the ability to communicate effectively, strategic thinking and planning, and ability to lead/motivate staff. In other words, leadership skills. The primary characteristics that all technology managers must have are leadership skills. These attributes enable technology leaders to motivate staff; to direct projects or business activities in a way that maximizes profits, and to ensure that staff on hand are competent and contribute to strong worker retention. According to career advice site, the best managers and leaders in technology are those men and women who are directly involved in project management and task delegation, rather than those who give orders from afar.

Leadership Skills Are Necessary for Technology Managers in the Current Business Economy
In the tech industry, there exists a decades-old stereotype about the social inclinations of technology workers. Unfairly or not, they have been historically pegged as lacking in leadership skills and strong communication abilities. Industry efforts to disassemble this stereotype is one primary reason why students interested in technology management are able to enroll in master's-level programs of study that combine technology skills with interpersonal and leadership skills.

The other reason more and more master's-level technology programs of study focus on business and leadership skills is because technology manager careers have become more specialized and decisions-driven. Managers in tech fields must be able to assess the technology systems in place at their companies, and make system implementation and upgrade decisions that will be positive for their employees and clients. Technology must support and align with organizational goals. Making the right technology decisions requires developed leadership skills, strong soft skills, and polished business acumen.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Choose IT Project Management For a Manageable Career Path

Choose IT Project Management For a Manageable Career PathCareers in information technology project management (IT project management) are concerned with the study, design, development, implementation, support and management of computer-based information systems. This includes computer hardware and software applications. The IT project management field deals with the use of computers and computer software to manage the conversion, storage, protection, transmission and retrieval of information. Finding ways to achieve this in a secure manner is one of the primary focuses in IT management, so that the manager can help the organization they represent protect their critical information and investments.

The following types of individuals may be good candidates for a career in information technology management:

* Students interested in overseeing the installation of applications, the design of computer networks and the creation of information databases.
* Young professionals and tech-savvy seasoned veterans who have interest or experience in data management, networking, engineering computer hardware, and database and software design.
* Anyone interested in the management and administration of entire systems.

If you decide that IT project management is the field for you and you have an idea of what you would like to accomplish in the IT management industry, you may want to begin your education for information technology project management.

One technical institute well known for offering a strong IT management curriculum is ITT Technical Institute. The school not only has IT project management studies that combine classroom learning with real-world training, the institute also offers the option of taking information technology management courses online, which makes it easy for you to balance your IT management education with your personal life and current career.

Choose IT Project Management For a Manageable Career PathBoth inside the institute and out in the real world, you will receive the same value for IT management courses online at ITT Technical Institute as those the institute offers in the classroom. You will not only learn transferable skills in information technology project management, you'll discover how to apply what you've learned. This will make applying for, obtaining and retaining the information technology management career you seek much easier.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Samsung Electronics West Africa Recruits Engineering Training Manager

Samsung Electronics West Africa Recruits for an Engineering Training Manager. We are the foremost electronics marketing company seeks the services of a qualified and competent candidate to fill the position of Engineering Training Manager.

Job Title: Engineering Training Manager

Candidate will be in charge of curriculum implementation, co-ordination of trainings and management of facilities at the Samsung Electronics Engineering Academy.

He/she will be:

Develop technical training curriculum (for theory and practical sessions) for all levels of learners including but not limited to:

1. Technical Education School Students (Years 1, 2,3)
2. Junior Secondary School
3. Other Electronics Engineering Students

Manage daily/weekly training schedule and activities for the academy
Implement daily/weekly training for academy learners as defined in their curriculum


* The ideal candidate for this position is expected to have a minimum of a B.Tech in a Technological or numerate discipline (Electrical Electronics, Engineering or Pure Sciences background preferably)
* Customer service mindset, technical background, project management skills, good training and mentoring skills plus ability to influence.
* Understand overall Samsung Service vision and ability to translate it to others, ability to work in a team and as a self starter.
* He/she must be between ages 30-40 years with minimum of 5 years post NYSC work experience as a lecturer/instructor (preferably in an Engineering environment)
* Process and professional competencies
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